As part of the effort to provide unique resources to Austin entrepreneurs, AEN offers a service that delivers a professional assessment and evaluation of your startup.

This evaluation will consist of a two-hour assessment interview, and a one-hour follow-up interview to present the results. The results will be summarized in a two-page review which scores your startup across ten components, such as Market Validation, Business Model, Competition, and seven other factors.

While all startups are different, our assessment process provides a systematic method to review the business opportunity across all startups, as it focuses on the key factors of success in any startup business. Investors try to assess the risk of any future investment. As a result, the goal of the assessment service is to provide the startup entrepreneur with the knowledge and ability to focus on the main items that investors review, and allow the startup to be more attractive to investors.

The assessment review is led by a finance industry analyst, whose career has included being a nationally ranked Wall St. (and Bay St.) analyst, who also has previous experience as a VC, and was a senior leader in a successful startup. Also, the team will include MBAs that have completed entrepreneurship programs.

To Request an assessment for your company, email us for more information.