4 entrepreneurs you should follow in 2016


If you want to know the strategies and tips to become a successful entrepreneur, then you should follow individuals who have already walked this path. Here are some successful entrepreneurs that you should be following this year.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk


He is a best-selling author who is being followed on social media by millions of people. He runs VaynerMedia. He has written a new book called ‘Ask Gary Vee’ where he has given advice on becoming successful in today’s market. He even uses social media to teach entrepreneurs about different aspects of business.

2. Grant Cardone


He is a very motivational speaker and a best-selling author. He runs the Cardone University. He makes strong social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He also does live streams on Periscope. He owns an investment company called ‘Cardone Acquisition’. This company has till now sold more than $500 million of real estate.

3. Ramon Ray


He is the founder of the blog SmartHustle.com. He  is a great speaker and speaks about marketing and entrepreneurship. He is also the publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine. He knows how to find success in today’s market. You will know a lot about entrepreneurship if you follow him on Twitter.

4. Daymond John


He is the founder of the famous American clothing line FUBU. He was also seen on the hit television show Shark Tank. By following him on Twitter, you will gain insight about entrepreneurship today. He writes best-selling books, invests in new ventures, appears in television shows and delivers motivational speech by traveling around the world.

These are the most established entrepreneurs today. By following them on social networks, you will learn about their lives and how they run their business.

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