4 entrepreneurs you should follow in 2016


If you want to know the strategies and tips to become a successful entrepreneur, then you should follow individuals who have already walked this path. Here are some successful entrepreneurs that you should be following this year.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk


He is a best-selling author who is being followed on social media by millions of people. He runs VaynerMedia. He has written a new book called ‘Ask Gary Vee’ where he has given advice on becoming successful in today’s market. He even uses social media to teach entrepreneurs about different aspects of business.

2. Grant Cardone


He is a very motivational speaker and a best-selling author. He runs the Cardone University. He makes strong social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He also does live streams on Periscope. He owns an investment company called ‘Cardone Acquisition’. This company has till now sold more than $500 million of real estate.

3. Ramon Ray


He is the founder of the blog SmartHustle.com. He  is a great speaker and speaks about marketing and entrepreneurship. He is also the publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine. He knows how to find success in today’s market. You will know a lot about entrepreneurship if you follow him on Twitter.

4. Daymond John


He is the founder of the famous American clothing line FUBU. He was also seen on the hit television show Shark Tank. By following him on Twitter, you will gain insight about entrepreneurship today. He writes best-selling books, invests in new ventures, appears in television shows and delivers motivational speech by traveling around the world.

These are the most established entrepreneurs today. By following them on social networks, you will learn about their lives and how they run their business.

4 things you can do to start a business with no capital


You might not have enough capital or no capital at all when you want to start a new business. But it shouldn’t stop you. There are many things you can do when you have no capital.

1. Make something


You will incur some initial cost when making something. But you can sell these products quickly for a good amount of profit. For example, you can sell candles or organic goods in Abe’s Market; you can make homemade stuffs and sell it in Etsy; you can also sell your items in eBay. You can sell your products on multiple platforms in order to get the most exposure.

2. Resell something


Instead of making something yourself, you can resell them. You can do this through a number of channels. You can set up an online store with the help of ecommerce platform such as Shopify. You can find interesting items in antique stores or garage sales and resell them online.

3. Sell services



You can start selling services instead of products. You can choose a service depending on your interest and background. You need to have in-depth knowledge on the service you are providing. You need a good branding plan so that people know who you are. There are some good places where you can promote your business for free, like Elance, Fiverr, Craigslist, etc. You can also have a business website where you can write about the services you provide.

4. Use low-cost services


You can use low-cost services to market your business. For example, you can advertise your business on Elance or Fiverr for free. You can get works such as logo design for your company from freelancers who will charge you a lot less.

It requires great passion to start a business. If you do something you enjoy, then you will find a way to make it a successful venture.

3 things you should know before starting a business


Starting a business is big step in your life. You should be well prepared before launching your business in order to save yourself from making any major mistake. Here are three things you need to know before starting a business.

1. Own your name

You must make sure that your company name has a trademark and Internet domain. If you fail to get a trademark, then your business might be at risk. All your time and money will be wasted if someone else owns your company name.

2. Know the law

You must understand all the licenses, regulations and taxes required for your business. Do an initial research and then consult with a lawyer and accountant to get a better understanding of these issues. This will help you to structure your business in such a way that it is in compliance with the law. You shouldn’t let any legal or technical issues stand in the way of your business.

3. Know where to spend and how much to spend

Starting a business affects your life financially. You need to learn how to spend wisely. You shouldn’t spend your money on unnecessary things. You need to know where to spend money in order to make money. You also need to make sure that you are in line with the latest technology. This will save your time and money in the long run in running your business.

Running a business is no easy task. Being prepared in advance can help you in starting your business without any trouble. This way you will avoid any nasty surprises that might ruin your business.

Donald Trump has 24 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Small Business Advice – Donald Trump Dispenses 24 Great Business Tips For Entrepreneurs.

While Trump may be a very controversial presidential candidate, one cannot deny that the man is clearly a businessman who knows what he’s doing. I haven’t done enough research into U.S. politics to firmly say whether or not he’s a good candidate or the best man for the job. What I’m saying is that he is certainly experienced when it comes to running a company and that his tips can definitely help start-ups get ahead.

However, it would be unwise for start-ups to immediately start doing things the same way Trump does. He has already established himself in the business world and can afford to slip up every once in a while. He’s definitely one of the most interesting figures of our time. He’s on my bucket list of people I’d like to have a discussion with one day.

Top 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs from Richard Branson

Billionaire Richard Branson tells you how to get ahead in business. If you are looking to make money then you need to start trading. The most basic form of business and something most self made people do is trade to gain capital. Obviously this requires sacrifice, bring your outgoings down to the bare minimum, if you smoke then stop, if you eat out then stop, address your diet and bring the cost of your food shopping to as little as possible whilst remaining sufficient, cancel all subscriptions and only use pay & go mobiles. Once you become disciplined in structuring your finances then you will have money to trade with. You can start with as little as £200. Explore every avenue, all local auction houses, cash & carries, and basic wholesalers. Put every ounce of yourself into getting rid of your purchases for even a small profit, because small profits equal big profits before too long. Within a year your £200 initial stake will have grown at least 10x. Once you have sufficient capital you can look to invest in something more profitable. Why work for someone when you can work for yourself, it may take 5 years till you can start to appreciate the fruits of the business but good things come to those who wait and persevere.

Austin Business Consulting Jobs

Recently, I was asked to choose Austin as a support investment in our company strategy. The reply was straightforward. Building a residence in Austin represents a rare chance to contribute to one of many fastest growing markets in the country and expand our business in a heart for technology, program, and production.

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Bob translated my value proposition into language that speaks quite clearly to my customers’ needs. He’s also been helpful in transforming my workshops and discussions to have the bigger impact. Kyle makes my client communication more reliable and easier to summarize.

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